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Cashbook Complete includes a free 90 day trial. After you have evaluated Cashbook Complete and found it suitable for your business, we ask that you register it. Once registered, you'll be able to use the Report Writer (for customising your own reports), and you'll be able to set up different Security Privileges for each user (Complete only).

You can choose either a monthly subscription or a lifetime registration …

Features Cashbook Home Cashbook Lite Cashbook Complete
Monthly Subscription $4 AUD
Per Month
$8 AUD
Per Month
$16 AUD
Per Month
Lifetime Registration $80 AUD
One-off Cost
$160 AUD
One-off Cost
$320 AUD
One-off Cost
FREE Support
Call or email for support *
Yes Yes Yes
FREE Upgrades
Upgrade to the latest version
Yes Yes Yes
Import bank statements
Yes Yes Yes
Budgets & Actuals
Track your spending
Yes Yes Yes
Generate standard reports
Yes Yes Yes
Report Writer 1
Customise your own reports
Yes Yes Yes
GST Returns
Generate GST returns quickly
No Yes Yes
Contact Management
Manage clients & suppliers
No Yes Yes
Bills to Pay
Track upcoming bills
No Yes Yes
Email invoices instantly
No No Yes
Monitor outstanding invoices
No No Yes
Quotes / Estimates
Generate quotes/estimates fast
No No Yes
Products & Services
Manage stock
No No Yes
Projects & Jobs
Manage time/cost for jobs
No No Yes
Timesheets & Expenses
Track your time & cost
No No Yes
Secure your data with a login
No No Yes
Install a FREE 90 day trial before you buy – includes all three editions: Home, Lite & Complete

1 The "Report Writer" is not included in "Home" editions that have not been purchased.

Need to Upgrade from Lite to Complete?

Please contact if you need to upgrade from Lite to Complete - you only need to pay the difference.

How the Registration Works

Please note that the registration is on a data file basis. This allows you to access the data file from multiple PCs on a network, share your data file with your accountant, or use your data file at multiple locations (such as home and office). This method doesn't require you to register the software for each PC or lock you into any yearly fees. If you need to restore from a backup, your registration details will also be restored.

If you set up several data files for several organisations, then each one will need to be registered separately. Once you have registered one Cashbook, then all subsequent ones are half price. You should not create a new data file at the end of a financial year.

* As a registered user, you're entitled to three free support queries. Additional free support is provided at our discretion and is subject to our Fair Use Policy. Before contacting us with your support questions, please check the FAQ first.

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"Can I just say... I have over the last few days done trials with Quickbooks, and a number of other programs to the point of pulling my hair out, and then I was blessed when I came across your software! So easy to use, unreal, great reports, everything I need... and you know what the worst bit is, I have a Diploma in Accounting! Two thumbs up to you!" - Sharon Locker-Lloyd