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Remote Support with TeamViewer

Some support issues may be too difficult for us to resolve by email or over the phone. If we've asked you to visit this page, please follow the steps below to download the free TeamViewer app so we can assist you further.

  1. Click here to download TeamViewer
  2. When the download has finished, click on the file you downloaded to start TeamViewer (or choose "open" or "run" if prompted)
  3. When TeamViewer starts, you will see a screen similar to the example shown below
  4. When you have that screen open, call us on (07) 3088 4875 and we will initiate a remote support session and talk you through what we're doing

NOTE: The best time to call us for remote support is during the morning.

TeamViewer Example

TeamViewer screen

When you see this screen, call us on (07) 3088 4875 (mornings are best).